Dear friends, year 2013 is the year of big changes which we have initiated in order to improve the quality of our magazine and make it even more interesting. Although it is still too soon to list them all, since many of those are still being implemented, and we  don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, we can say that soon we will have an almost completely new BLUR magazine. After 5 years of publication, now it’s time to refresh a few things and adjust to the times we live in.

Anyway, all in good time… For now, we would like to reward our readers with a free issue, a special issue BLUR GALLERY 2012, which in one place presents the beautiful photographs we have published during 2012 in our section GALLERY 24. With this special issue we also announce large changes in this section, which will be visible in the next issue of Blur. For now we can confirm that this special free issue at the beginning of the year will become a regular feature.